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Hadid Sanat is a leading Manufacturing Company which has a long experience in providing industrial tools & Identification & Traceability solutions.

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HS Scope of Work


  • Providing Polyurethane Base Visual ID Tags
  • Providing RFID Tags
  • Providing Metal Base Visual ID Tags
  • Providing Applicators for Piercing Tags
  • Providing Hand Held RFID Readers
  • Benefitting over 10 years of¬†experience in industrial tools , in year 2006 HADID SANAT entered into the Identification & Tracing system industries Iranian market in the framework of design & manufacturing animal ear tags & tracing systems.

    Design and Manufacturing of Foot, Neck & Ear Tags & Applications for wide range of use in related industries.

    For improvement in design & development our products in electronic segment we have support of TAPCO team.They scope of work is in designing electronic devices.For empowering our company in the field of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment we have support of APA co. which help us to development & implement our of Management Systems, Product Standards & improving processes.Also APA conduct external audits in different related segments to help on sustaining our quality & systems.

    Our International Markets
  • Turkmenistan
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Kazakhstan
  • UAE
  • Afghanistan
  • Main Region & Customers
  • Ministry of Iranian Agriculture
  • Animal Breed Correction Center
  • Veterinary Department of all of the provinces
  • Quarantine Centers before import, export and transportation
  • Agricultural products insurance desk
  • All of the Iran cultivation & industry centers
  • Animal unions & cooperation
  • Animal input company
  • Animal pharmacies
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